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03 Jun'12

Hodejegerne 2011


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19 Mar'12

One day

I think, the main idea of this breathtaking film is not to screw up everything…

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15 Jan'12

Rio movie

Your heart will lead you into the fascinating story you’ve never imagined!

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07 Jan'12


Impressive movie if you think about sense of life, productivity, decision making… turns to be that not taking risk is more dangerous than not to take a risk.

Somewhat expected happy-end is just a bit boring, but is setting positive reaction.

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05 Jan'12

win win 2011

so-so film, but i enjoyed it quite a bit. If you look closer, there is no win win everywhere. The reason for that is a trade-off you always have to face.

choose the right end and will be win win.

don’t be doomed.

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