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23 Apr'14

Learning GNU screen

I recently started to remotely log into several servers quite often so I felt a need to maintain reliable connections to them and I considered a few choices:

As the beginner, I decided to stick to the easiest option - screen. It comes preinstalled on many server and many administrators install them alongside vim, emacs and git.

I decided to use this blog post for two purposes: to collect the most helpful links to learn screen; and to plan for deeper explorations in future (in this case, Mosh and Tmux).

Useful screen resources

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05 Mar'12

Django fails with DEBUG=False on production

First, be sure to eliminate this issue:

Next, enable logging of all events. That will save you plenty of time.

Next, be sure to include both 404.html and 500.html in the root of your templates’ folder. See here and here for details.

If you are using nginx, be sure to include correct fastcgi configuration file: (post before the last). Fairly equal to But extensive configuration didn’t work for me.

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