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23 Apr'14

Learning GNU screen

I recently started to remotely log into several servers quite often so I felt a need to maintain reliable connections to them and I considered a few choices:

As the beginner, I decided to stick to the easiest option - screen. It comes preinstalled on many server and many administrators install them alongside vim, emacs and git.

I decided to use this blog post for two purposes: to collect the most helpful links to learn screen; and to plan for deeper explorations in future (in this case, Mosh and Tmux).

Useful screen resources

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21 Mar'12

Comprehensive list of FREE Online Education resources

Language of teaching - English/Russian. So, let’s begin!

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22 Feb'12

django default manager

You can add a manager to all models of some type if you subclass an abstract model which declares a manager.

For example, you can declare ugcModel with publication status and published_items manager.


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15 Feb'12

MSP430 Launchpad

This is a link to a web page:

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