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31 May'15

C/C++ based projects on

I learned about long time ago (thanks to my friend Shaun Mulligan from but didn’t dare to try it out for a long time. Maybe, because most of the examples were in Node.js and targeted Raspberry Pi. At the time, I was doing a project in ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks and implemented it using the Beaglebone Black, Arduino, an LWIR camera (in my case, FLIR Lepton), a reed switch and a pair of XBee modules. I used C/C++ on Beaglebone and with a partner we used Python/Django on Heroku.

By the …

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22 Mar'15

Programming Arduino Pro Mini with USBasp V2.0

UPD 2016-05-14: Arduino Nano with CH340 ships from Aliexpress for less than $2 – I recommend you buy it instead (unless you know what you’re doing).

Do you really need to pay $25 for an Arduino? Many of my friends have the original Arduino and they work great, but I wanted to see how cheap I can go. Initially, I purchased the SunFounder Starter Kit and it worked 100% as advertised. Today we’ll see if we can get a fully featured Arduino under $5.

Recently, I came across the dirt cheap Arduino Pro Mini clones and decided to buy …

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