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03 Jun'12

Hodejegerne 2011


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22 Mar'12

iPad 3 QSXGA, 1080p and Red One 4K

Immediately after iPad 3 presentation, I thought “Did Apple think of people watching HD or just about Retina, profits and developers?” (I am a developer, though). I immediately accepted the idea of FullHD/HD-ready devices would emerge and sell better than iPad. That will definitely come.

But I expect Apple’s aim to revolutionize once again. It’s no secret that most modern films are captured on Red One camera. It is operating at resolution that’s 4 times greater than 1080p - so called 4K standard. Apple is able to pursue Hollywood for creating new “iHD”. Yes, there is …

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19 Mar'12

One day

I think, the main idea of this breathtaking film is not to screw up everything…

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15 Jan'12

Rio movie

Your heart will lead you into the fascinating story you’ve never imagined!

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07 Jan'12


Impressive movie if you think about sense of life, productivity, decision making… turns to be that not taking risk is more dangerous than not to take a risk.

Somewhat expected happy-end is just a bit boring, but is setting positive reaction.

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05 Jan'12

Firearms laws

In Mexico, crime is rife. And the firearm law is one of the most severe.

Ukraine has lower crime level, somewhat similar gun licensing.

In the US you are free to buy a weapon and many states would issue a concealed carry permit. That leads to much lower crime rates than in aforementioned countries.

In Switzerland, you may own a full-auto rifle, shoot in all cantons freely. The crime level does nothing to correlate with firearm law.

In the opposite, use of firearms gives assault more protection.

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05 Jan'12

win win 2011

so-so film, but i enjoyed it quite a bit. If you look closer, there is no win win everywhere. The reason for that is a trade-off you always have to face.

choose the right end and will be win win.

don’t be doomed.

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