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16 Aug'14

Using EOSInfo utility to get your Canon EOS information

You can use these tools to get the information for your old Canon camera. Per platform:

I haven’t found a similar tool for Linux, but you might still be happy to find out that you can [run Linux]( on newer camera versions that have an ARM onboard!

Backup links:

Updated on 15 Dec‘16.

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15 Aug'14

Work-life balance & weekend reading


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13 Jan'14

Small plans for January

This is a great year, I hope! So in order to make it great, we need to put some efforts to make it bright.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
- Alfred Tennyson

I have few resolutions for the new year, but nothing earth-shaking:

  • healthy rythm
  • productive workflow
  • more books, less talks
  • less artificial, more real (people, meal, entertainment)
  • only grow, always move forward

In order to achieve these ambitious goals (I think you shalln’t be deceived by their simplicity), I need to reach some goals:

  • migrate to Ubuntu successfully (especially solve dependency on those small …

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