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13 Jan'14

Small plans for January

This is a great year, I hope! So in order to make it great, we need to put some efforts to make it bright.

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield
- Alfred Tennyson

I have few resolutions for the new year, but nothing earth-shaking:

  • healthy rythm
  • productive workflow
  • more books, less talks
  • less artificial, more real (people, meal, entertainment)
  • only grow, always move forward

In order to achieve these ambitious goals (I think you shalln’t be deceived by their simplicity), I need to reach some goals:

  • migrate to Ubuntu successfully (especially solve dependency on those small Windows-specific tools)
  • put up the Ubuntu experience post (include the apt restore script from gist)
  • update CV to XeLaTeX
  • clean up my VPS box (filter out all unneeded hard dependencies in requirements.txt, clean up nginx configurations - awstats in 1 2 3, bandwidth etc)
  • do all important work IRL

Good night, a lot of work ahead!