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14 Jun'13

Things that drive me mad about Linux

I was having many talks with Linux aficionados who argued that my only obstacle on the way to Linux was lack of knowledge and experience. While I agree for 100% with their opinion, I have few more things to deal with in Linux:


Everyone knows that multimedia support in Linux is … how to put it mildly, inferior.

First of all, Skype sound quality. I desperately need good sound and reliable connection.

Next, for my surprise, I’m using multimedia player quite often. On Windows, my player of preference is PotPlayer/KMPlayer. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything similar to these players.


I’m using .NET platform to earn for bread and butter. I heavily use a multitude of refactoring tools and other helpers unavailable in languages which allow more freedom, like C++, Python, Ruby and other.

Maybe, some time later, I’ll eventually become a better programmer and get rid of tooling dependency, but for now I see that it’s the only way to manage complexity of large projects efficiently.

Drivers and support

Unfortunately, power consumption on Linux is often more than on Windows due to unoptimized processor frequency scaling, powering of periferal devices and other problems.