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14 Jun'13

Jekyll Web Log

Hi folks.

From the very beginning, I’d like to say that I’m an avid Windows user. RMS thinks that we shouldn’t give away freedom in exchange for convenience. Truthfully, I had to fuck a lot with my Ubuntu installation to work properly, to stop hanging on boot, shut down in less than a minute, use two GPUs correctly, stop eating my battery worse than a Hulk and … I think, usual people deserve this convenience NOT TO DO IT EVERY TIME THEY BUY A PC!

But still, I was feeling pretty miserably to fail short with my Linux experience while I was reading Linux System Programming, 2nd Edition by Robert Love and decided to fix it. Anyway, I can’t recall how many times I reinstalled Linux and decided to start from scratch so finally I decided to write all the breathtaking steps from my long journey here.

As I decided to take the hard path, I also set out to change few more usual parts involved in the process:

  • blog engine
  • fight plan

In regard to blog engine, this is exactly the post devoted to it. I decided to use jekyll because of the following benefits:

  • I’ll have no manual helpers, so I’ll finally learn how to type fast.
  • It’s written in Ruby and I always dreamed about learning it.
  • I can impove my text editor usage skills.

So I decided to dump beloved Wordpress.

What I’ll be writing about

  • New programming languages and related experiences;
  • VIM / Emacs tips;
  • Linux usage, administration and daily routine;
  • Thoughts on computing in general, but I’ll keep’em as short as possible;
  • Debian/Ubuntu packages, sources and PPAs;
  • LaTeX.

This list can expand but I already think it’s a lot.